— M i r r o r F u g u e —

Live music emanates from a grand piano, whose keys move under the supple touch of a pianists's hands reflected on the lacquered surface of the instrument. On the music stand is visible a "reflection" of the pianist's face, whose subtle expressions project emotions of the music. MirrorFugue recreates the feeling of a live performance, but nobody is actually there. The pianist is but an illusion of light and mirrors, a ghost at once present and absent.

Alisa Ishii playing with her digital double

Myself in a mirror

JJ Abrams with MirrorFugue (photo by Joi Ito)

Talks and Performances
TEDxBoston, June 2013
Aspen Ideas Festival, 6.13
BIF9, 9.13
Intersect by Lexus Concert, 9.13

NIME 2014

These works mainly explore MirrorFugue's potential as a tool for piano pedagogy, especially over distance. By rendering the physical movements of the pianist, MirrorFugue can aid the understanding of both technique and expression, especially breathing, phrasing and projecting character.
NIME 2013 full paper
TEI 2011 full paper
ITS 2012 demo
CHI 2011 poster

Press and Awards
BBC (7.14)
CreativeApplications.net (1.9.14)
NHK "Number One On This Earth" (12.6.12)
Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts at MIT, Honorable Mention

Thanks to
Hiroshi Ishii - advisor
Paula Aguilera and Jonathan Williams - consultation on video production
Lauren Gust - fabrication of a prototype
Donal Fox - insights on piano performance
Marvin Minsky, Alisa Ishii, Donal Fox, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nick Sanders, Vijay Iyer - recordings of performances